Chaun Miller – A third generation general contractor.

“My father is a general contractor. My grandfather had one of the first kitchen showrooms in the country. My paternal grandfather was a tool and die maker for General Motors for 30 yrs.”

All construction projects are a culmination of many design and budget decisions. We are proud of the systems we have created over many years of experience to make this process as seamless and enjoyable as possible for our clients. Prior to and during the construction process. Providing a superior level of attention to detail with a practical consideration of the customers budget. We offer cutting edge design services with knowledge of the latest architectural, material selection, and building practices.

We put an emphasis on sustainability, and environmentally friendly construction methods and materials. We have been incorporating green building practices and concepts for over ten years. We have little or no “punch list” on our projects as we understand the importance of addressing every detail during the construction process. We have an excellent record with happy customers virtually no call backs in 20 years.

Many contracting companies are capable of building. Here at Chaun Miller Design and Construction we bring exceptional creativity in architectural design and value engineering for the most cost efficient and aesthetic structural design. Let us provide you with references and a free estimate. We offer a design package that establishes a complete and accurate budget based on architectural drawings and material selections prior to and separate from the construction contract. Many customers want to know the accurate cost of the project prior to starting construction to avoid fluctuations or surprises in the middle of the project.